Thursday, October 5

Watch my weight struggle!

It's better than Wife Swap! I have signed up to this website that lets you keep tabs on your daily food intake and tells you how much weight you have to lose. I'm a bit overweight for my height, I'm only little and can't seem to carry a lot without it being really noticable. So I've been inspired by a recent bout of gastroenteritis to try and lose a little weight. Eating nothing but pasta and ginger nut biscuits all week has showed me that starvation is possible, if you BELIEVE! It does lie though. There's no way the small bowl of pasta I had with one teaspoon of pesto for my lunch contained 358 calories.

So here are the calories I have to munch my way through:
To maintain my current blimp-like state:
2027 Calories/day
Fat Loss:
1622 Calories/day
Extreme Fat Loss:
1338 Calories/day

I have made my online profile public so you can all go there and laugh at my lapses and chinese/indian binges, just click this link 'ere and you'll be transported into my diet journal. You will note that today I digested 1175 calories. Good start, even though I have gastroenteritis. This must be so much fun for you, you lucky, lucky devils.


Stephen Collins said...

i do like your new look Gem. I do not understand what betablogger is or how to get there. Do i have to relinquish my blogger site...?

Kaff said...

"No activities entered for today."


Gem said...

EXCUUUUUUSE ME! I have added light shopping, which I did, in a farm shop. Walking, which James and I did around a National Trust castle and grounds, and driving, which burns an AMAZING amount of calories!!!

I was naughty with food today, because I felt better...

Do Google searches and that...