Thursday, October 26


I've finally succumbed to using one of those internet face recogniser sites.

I tested this photo:

and here are my matches:

1. Neve Campbell (?) 72%
2. Carol Vorderman (???) 71%
3. Drew Barrymore (that's better) 68%
4. Meg Ryan (urgh, she's old) 64%
5. Roseanne Barr (Get. To. F**k.) 64%

so then I ran this photo, to test the software further

and, once again, here are my matches:

1. A Japanese MAN called Kangta 78%
2. Susan Sarandon 75%
3. Tina Turner (?!) 73%
4. Marilyn Manson 72%
5. Greta Garbo 72%

Though, special mention must be made to my sixth match, I am also 72% Frank Lampard, woo!

I thought I'd give it one last try, so I uploaded this pic:

But, instead of becoming clearer the results just got more and more bizarre:

1. Lisa Left-Eye Lopes 72%
2. Jared Lato 68%
3. Heather Locklear 68%
4. Kate Bush 67%
5. Stephen Baldwin 67%

I have come to the conclusion that it's a load of bollocks.


Anonymous said...

ha ha fucking ha!

Anonymous said...

I love that ending :D

Do Google searches and that...