Saturday, September 29

What a rainy, cold and nasty week...

Baltic Wednesday, Torrid Thursday and Shitty Friday. I haven't worn such thick tights since January.

On the other hand, it's been quite a successful week, celeb-wise. On Monday I spotted Rob Brydon and sat opposite Derren Brown at a BBC screening of The Peter Serafinowicz Show, which starts next Thursday and is going to be absolutely HUGE. And yesterday, my trudge uphill through the rain was brightened by a sighting of Scottish film hottie James McAvoy, who was having coffee with a friend in World cafe in Crouch End.

Monday, September 24

Now I know my A, B, C's...

This week I am observing lessons in my local junior school as part of my course. Today I was with Year 3. We learned all about synonyms, coins, 'at' sounds and teeth. I spent a good 45 minutes looking in children's mouths, counting their stumps and gaps. Such close proximity to minors is potentially very dangerous, and now I can't stop examining my head for nits.

I also got to pray THREE times and was prepped for a Mass later on this week, which I am very much looking forward to, as observing children during religious rituals is always hilarious. I especially like how tightly they squeeze their eyes shut during prayer, so that God can see how hard they are concentrating.

I'm with year 6 tomorrow, and I have to do some proper written observations, because I'm writing as assignment on all this for next week. Still, it is nice to get to play in the sandpit occasionally, and be home before 3.30pm.

Saturday, September 22


Hardly time for any fun recently, the PGCE workload is starting to kick in, but I did get a chance to visit the Portobello Road Market today and purchase some cupcakes from the Hummingbird Bakery.

I haven't eaten them yet, because they're just so pretty!

Sunday, September 16

Let's go fly a kite...

Today we took our new kite and flew it in Alexandra Park. But because we'd never used it before we had no idea that it was very shit. Imagine an old Tesco bag on the end of a bit of string, that's the overall effect. James gave it a good half hour, however, and ran up and down the hill at least 20 times in an attempt to get it to trail behind him. I sat on the hillside, enjoying the spectacle, as were many other walkers out for the day, who I imagine thought James was a 'special' boy.

It wasn't all bad, there was a farmers market on and we got homemade pies and sausages. Ooh arr!

Thursday, September 13

Cor lummee

More people have visited my blog today than ever before. So I just wanted to say 'hello' to all the new people. I'm watching you! I can't see who you are though, so don't worry, I won't find out who you are, and find out where you live, and come to your house and kill you and bury you in a remote field, or anything. I'm not like that AT ALL.

Just in...

This is my favourite new product from the excellent website Tampon Crafts.

If you smoke, drink or use candles you are 50% more likely to have a fire

There is a fireman on BBC News who is hoping to save lives by rapping about fire safety:

I do not think this is a sensible strategy. Rapping about giving away free fire alarms is not cool. I think that trying to recall lyrics to a poorly produced rap song will, if anything, produce death, rather than cause people to successfully remember fire safety procedure. And what if you became confused and recalled the wrong rap lyrics, and instead of evacuating took the advice of Easy Motherfuucking E and 'blast on a stupid assed nigga when I'm playin with the trigga'?

Chaos would ensue. He also rhymes 'sirens' with 'I am', that's not even correct!

I would, however, like to see more public information films made into hip hop videos. Particularly ones that deal with terrorism and chemical attacks. I'm thinking 50 Cent, Canary Wharf, and a whole lotta flamethrowers...

Do Google searches and that...