Monday, September 24

Now I know my A, B, C's...

This week I am observing lessons in my local junior school as part of my course. Today I was with Year 3. We learned all about synonyms, coins, 'at' sounds and teeth. I spent a good 45 minutes looking in children's mouths, counting their stumps and gaps. Such close proximity to minors is potentially very dangerous, and now I can't stop examining my head for nits.

I also got to pray THREE times and was prepped for a Mass later on this week, which I am very much looking forward to, as observing children during religious rituals is always hilarious. I especially like how tightly they squeeze their eyes shut during prayer, so that God can see how hard they are concentrating.

I'm with year 6 tomorrow, and I have to do some proper written observations, because I'm writing as assignment on all this for next week. Still, it is nice to get to play in the sandpit occasionally, and be home before 3.30pm.

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