Sunday, September 26

And the result is...

... my wee is...


Found out on Friday, and was instantly relieved. Yet another example of me tying myself up in knots over something very minor indeed. Have decided to CTFO (Chill The Fuck Out) and laugh at myself for making shit mountains out of tiny little dung-piles.

Monday, September 20

The vicious cycle of hypochondria

I decided to write down my spiralling thoughts, with the idea that reading them back to myself would embarrass me enough to stop having them.

To Wee or Not to Wee?

I need a wee

Oh God, was that a twinge?

My back hurts a bit

I’ve got a kidney infection.
I’ve got diabetes.
I’ve got cancer.

I feel sick.

I feel sick because I AM sick.

I’m going to get sicker, I might even die.

I’ll have to have time off work.

I’ll lose my job.

I’ll lose my boyfriend. And my house.

I need a wee.

Do Google searches and that...