Monday, June 30

Eating Coco Pops at 4am can only mean one thing...

... that I am entering a manic phase.

At least I can use the 'Free Swim' voucher on the back of the pack to burn off some of the excess energy.

Or I could just go shopping.

Tuesday, June 10

The cattie

We've had a kitten now for nearly three weeks, we're moving to a much bigger flat in July and will be able to accommodate a cat and a rabbit. When I went to choose the kitten it was all tiny and pathetic and looked like this:


... but that was before he started to grow at a ridiculous rate and draw blood chasing my ankles. And then I found out that it was a boy, not a girl, despite us having called it 'Polly'.

This is what he looks like now. Notice the slightly evil glint in his eyes, which he has diverted attention away from by acting all cute.

But it was very funny when he fell in the bath.

He's not that bad, really. All injuries occur through misdirected play, but they don't half hurt!

Monday, June 9

Eating like a King

I just ate a superior lunch consisting of chicken salad, chilli cheese, chorizo and a rosemary sourdough bread roll. This is not usual lunchtime fayre. I usually have some Knorr Super Chicken Noodle soup and a chunk of bread. But curiosity finally got the better of me today and sent me to Whole Foods on Kensington High Street; the hype worked it's subliminal magic on me. Thinking I'd perhaps pick up a loaf and a piece of cheese at most I took a small basket, and, twenty minutes later, found myself at the till, laden with goods and forking out £28.

This is the sort of person you see in Whole Foods. They are mostly hippy parents with too much money buying sugar-free cereals for their evil, posh children.

But this is the AMAZING cheese counter that acted as the catalyst for my spree and NOW you understand how it happened.

I really must stop shopping at any food stores that are not my local grocer, my local butcher, my local baker, or Tesco. Because whenever I do I ALWAYS end up spending over £20 on less than one basket of food. I could get a whole trolley of food at Tesco for that!

So, from tomorrow James and I are on wartime rations for the next few days while our cat and rabbit continue to eat their (large) stock of luxury veterinary-recommended pet foods. They have a much better life than us. They eat and sleep all day, and get us to take their shit away for them.


Do Google searches and that...