Monday, June 9

Eating like a King

I just ate a superior lunch consisting of chicken salad, chilli cheese, chorizo and a rosemary sourdough bread roll. This is not usual lunchtime fayre. I usually have some Knorr Super Chicken Noodle soup and a chunk of bread. But curiosity finally got the better of me today and sent me to Whole Foods on Kensington High Street; the hype worked it's subliminal magic on me. Thinking I'd perhaps pick up a loaf and a piece of cheese at most I took a small basket, and, twenty minutes later, found myself at the till, laden with goods and forking out £28.

This is the sort of person you see in Whole Foods. They are mostly hippy parents with too much money buying sugar-free cereals for their evil, posh children.

But this is the AMAZING cheese counter that acted as the catalyst for my spree and NOW you understand how it happened.

I really must stop shopping at any food stores that are not my local grocer, my local butcher, my local baker, or Tesco. Because whenever I do I ALWAYS end up spending over £20 on less than one basket of food. I could get a whole trolley of food at Tesco for that!

So, from tomorrow James and I are on wartime rations for the next few days while our cat and rabbit continue to eat their (large) stock of luxury veterinary-recommended pet foods. They have a much better life than us. They eat and sleep all day, and get us to take their shit away for them.


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