Thursday, September 13

If you smoke, drink or use candles you are 50% more likely to have a fire

There is a fireman on BBC News who is hoping to save lives by rapping about fire safety:

I do not think this is a sensible strategy. Rapping about giving away free fire alarms is not cool. I think that trying to recall lyrics to a poorly produced rap song will, if anything, produce death, rather than cause people to successfully remember fire safety procedure. And what if you became confused and recalled the wrong rap lyrics, and instead of evacuating took the advice of Easy Motherfuucking E and 'blast on a stupid assed nigga when I'm playin with the trigga'?

Chaos would ensue. He also rhymes 'sirens' with 'I am', that's not even correct!

I would, however, like to see more public information films made into hip hop videos. Particularly ones that deal with terrorism and chemical attacks. I'm thinking 50 Cent, Canary Wharf, and a whole lotta flamethrowers...

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