Thursday, August 30

Out of work, out of money and OUT OF THERE!!

I left work today. My 'official' leaving date is tomorrow but my boss hasn't been around to give me anything to do, I've had my exit interview and I've been paid my final wage. So I handed in my staff card and my keys and got the HELL out of there. I could not leave fast enough.

So now I am unemployed for the next 7 days until I enrol at university next week and officially become a student again. I have a few tasks to complete before then, which are:

- finish pre-course assignment
- read Macbeth
- read some 'pre 20th Century poetry'
- purchase shower rail, shower curtain and gaffer tape
- sort out shower with above items

Obviously these tasks will all be completed between watching Jeremy Kyle, Dawsons's Creek repeats on Channel 5 and 6th Sense with Colin Fry - who I hate but am strangely compelled to watch.

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