Wednesday, August 8

I don't wanna gooooo!

I have to meet with my line manager tomorrow to tie up a few loose ends before I go away on holiday, and ultimately leave work forever. I'm absolutely dreading it. My line manager dislikes me intensely and has either insulted me or totally ignored me since I started in January, she's had me in tears in her office on more than one occasion. She hadn't been at work for a fortnight and wasn't there when I gave in my notice, so I gave it in to Personnel and emailed her to tell her that I'd resigned. This is not ideal but it was the only option available to me. Since sending the aforementioned email I have received no correspondance at all, not even to requests for a meeting.

So I'm going to take one of my holiday valiums in a minute and try and get a good night's sleep, so that I am able to face talking to her in the morning.

I've never had a boss that made me so nervous I felt physically sick before. It's really unpleasant. I hope I never have to deal with anybody like this ever again.

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