Tuesday, October 17

The Perfect Blend

I've spent the past half hour reading Neighbours spoilers on the internet. My suspicions about Sky's pregnancy were not unfounded, I see...

I should feel bad for wasting thirty minutes of my life on a soap opera, but the truth of the matter is that I actually think Neighbours is brilliant. It's what I come home from work every lunchtime for! Take today's episode for example: Lou Carpenter found a phone, picked up a call from it and discovered it belonged to one Elle MacPherson. This prompted a conversation between him and Harold, extolling the virtues of her lingerie line. Things are set to take a 'bizarre turn' tomorrow!

I shan't post the spoilers on here, because I know how important Neighbours might be to some of you. If you want to know anything juicy then you can leave me a comment.

I fucking love Neighbours, I do.

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