Monday, October 16

He was like, 'GRRR', and I was like, 'WHATEVER!'

A couple of girls got BUSTED by the ticket collector on the train back from London today. It was one of those moments that unites all the other passengers on the train through shared amusement. It appears that one of the girls bought two returns using her young persons rail card, but the other girl didn't have a card of her own and was therefore DENIED the right to travel cheaply. Usually I am on the customer's side in these situations, as I think that rail companies take the piss. I would have taken pity on these girls, despite their obvious sloaniness, if it weren't for the following conversation that ensued:

Collector 1: Well, sorry girls, but I'm going to have to charge one of you for a full single.
Girl 1: How much is that?
Collector 1: Eighty four pounds.
Girl 2: Urgh! You horrible little man! Do you get JOYS out of this?
Collector 1: You must have read the rules when you got your card, surely?
Girl 1: Er, no! That was, like, MONTHS AGO!
Girl 2: It's not like we're adults or anything, we're STUDENTS!
Collector 1: Look, you must have known, because they'd have asked when you booked the tickets, so just pay up, and then we can sort this out.
Girl 2: Duh! Why would she do that on purpose? She's a GIRL! She's not a thief or anything, she's a girl!
Collector 1: I need your address, miss.
Girl 1: I'm not giving you my address! I don't give my address out to strangers!
Collector 2: Excuse me miss, are you refusing to cooperate? Because if you are I'll have to put you off at the next stop and turn you over to the police for fraud and deception.

The girl gave him her address. Obviously.

Girl 2: Just ring your mum. She'll sort this out.

I bet she does as well. I bet she rings them up and gives them sloane hell. But the girls were guilty as sin. They as much as admitted they hadn't bothered checking it all out properly. Their first mistake was to launch an all-out offensive when confronted. If they'd been quiet and contrite instead of behaving like

then they'd have probably got away with it.
Their second mistake was to change their story frequently from 'we didn't think you had to' to 'we forgot' to 'WELL YOU HAVE SO MANY RULES FOR EVERYTHING!!! WAAAAHHHHH'.


I'm glad they have to pay £84 (+£10 administration charge).

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