Monday, November 6

My Christmas List

Yes, yes, I know it's only November, but this is more so I can keep track of them than you!

1. A Take That Official Calendar priced at £4.99
2. A Pink iPod Nano priced at £129
3. A Take That Tour DVD priced at £12.99
4. An Art Of Bathing hatbox from Lush, priced at £39.95
5. A Topshop voucher priced AT YOUR DISCRETION
6. A Deal Or No Deal board game
7. Some Vera Wang perfume priced at approx £50
8. An Indoor Rabbit Cage at £49.99
9. A Dualit Waffle Iron (price unknown)
10. A Stewart Lee ticket for December priced £15
11. Back to Basics by Christina Aguilera, approx £9
12. Rudebox by Robbie Williams, priced at £8
13. A Checked dress from Topshop at £38
14. Some cozy pyjamas £22

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