Monday, November 6


Not a lot of people know about my secret penchant for the ultra-silly, sci-fi chick-prog 'Charmed'. It's something I keep to myself, as the mere mention of it usually causes rolly eyes and tuts. For those of you that know nothing about it, it's a bit like Buffy, only it's about three witches. It's extremely silly and makes very little sense to those who don't follow it, but I really enjoy Charmed.

It's usually on Living TV about 3 times a day, and if I've nothing better to do I'll watch an episode, even though I've seen most of the old ones about five times.

But tonight was different, it was a show I hadn't seen before and it felt all sad and weird. And when I clicked the 'info' button on my remote control it said it was the 'very last episode'.

I was NOT prepared for that.

I feel all sad and empty. A bit like I did when Denise Van Outen left the Big Breakfast (except this time I didn't cry).

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