Tuesday, November 7

Back to the Future

The cash machine swallowed my bank card today.

I have a lot of sympathy with fellow debt-types.

I mean, essentially the reason behind debt is weakness, and I make no excuses whatsoever for my financial history, it is entirely my fault. But I still feel sorry for people in debt.

I had a hunch that there was something amiss, because the chip and pin machine in the chemists played up when I tried to pay for my sackful of eczema creams and special shower gels. So after the chemist I hightailed it to the bank to try and get some cash out. I typed in my pin, hit 'Cash', chose '£50' and then the machine ATE my bank card.

I started to get that sick, sweaty feeling I always associate with money problems. But rather than run away and hide in bed (which is what I usually do), I walked into the bank, went up to cashier and said 'THEMACHINEATEMYCARDANDICAN'TGETITBACK', to be fair, she didn't stare too much at my wild-eyed, looney face.

It transpired that I had gone past my overdraft limit that one time too many, and that meant that they were withholding my card until 'my account is in order'. I immediately transferred funds from my ISA into my current account to bring it back down below the limit. But then I had the shame of calling up Telephone Banking and ordering a new bank card.

"I can only offer you a Solo card today, Miss O'Donnell, I think you know why."

Great. So now I'm back to using a cash card that I grew out of when I was 18. And the sad thing is, I am actually a bit relieved. This recent setback had infantalised me and forced me to organise my cash differently. And, let's face it, a Solo card is the monetary equivalent of a straight-jacket.


Anonymous said...

ah thats a feeling i know well. I like to call it 'living on the edge'or'keeping myself guessing'...who am i kidding, its just spending money that isn't mine.rubbish. congrats on the blog btw, your witty observations keep drawing me back! Craig.

Layla said...

But you have an ISA, so not all is bad.
I miss you!

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