Wednesday, November 8

*shameless plug alert*

I registered with YouGov a month or so ago, thinking that perhaps I'd earn 50p for a survey and have done with it. But now I see that my account currently stands thus:

Bonus Credit (including Joining Credit)

Survey Credit

Referer Credit

Total Credit

... which means I am nearly 1/4 of the way to receiving a cheque for £50.

It is well easy to join up too, you just click this 'ere link and it lets you set up an account straight away. And if you refer a few of your mates you'll get extra credit for referring them!

Free money! It's like a dream I had once...

1 comment:

Layla said...

Hah, me too. You referred me already though, so I can't get you any more free money!

Do Google searches and that...