Tuesday, November 28


Goodness gracious!

Just weeks ago I was feeling trapped, scared, useless and unemployable. In the past 14 days I have

- been offered work with an educational employment agency in London
- been invited to interview for my PGCE course at my first choice university (London Metropolitan, on Holloway Road)
- been interviewed, and offered a job, as a Personal Tutor at a College in Walthamstow

I'm taking the Personal Tutor one. It's all come as quite a shock to my system as I only got the letter inviting me to interview on Friday last week, and here I am, just 5 days later, with a job offer. I can finally relax and start planning my move to London in the New Year now I know exactly what's going to happen to me. It's going to be a pretty harsh first few weeks learning the ropes at a new job and living in one room in James's squalid Chelsea flat, but we're getting a place of our own at the end of January and things should hopefully slow down after that. I'm praying they slow down, because James and I might both die of stress-related conditions if they don't.

I keep taking lovely deep breaths. The first I have taken for months. They feel gorgeous.


Layla said...

Good for you! Now you can relax and have a fab Christmas. And visit me. Heh heh.

Stephen Collins said...

brilliant brilliant brilliant

kate said...


Do Google searches and that...