Sunday, December 3

sniff sniff sniff

A gut-wrenching day today as I finally rehomed my two beautiful rabbits Big Bun and Mrs Bun. I had to put them up for adoption as I couldn't guarantee I'd be able to take them with me to London, and it seemed unfair to condemn them to an uncertain future in which the best case scenario involved living in a tiny yard in the Big Smoke.

I found a fantastic couple to adopt them, with a huge outdoor rabbit enclosure, a specially adapted home (with all the electric wiring above rabbit-height, and so on) and an organic allotment. I know it's an excellent place for them to go, but that didn't stop me booing and hooing like a baby last night and saying things like 'my baby's going away, she's taking my baby away'. I managed to pull myself together by the time the adopters had arrived and handed them over relatively painlessly.

Now I just feel a bit empty really, I've always had pets and feel a bit strange with nothing to look after. That'll change, obviously, when I move in with James in January and have to see to his nutrition, health and basic hygiene needs. Anyway, he's promised that when we're settled into our new flat I can have a little dwarf house rabbit. So 'nur'.

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Kaff said...

I guess I'm just lucky. Pete's house comes with pets included. There's the fat ageing cat who insists on sitting on you whenever you sit down. She of course comes equipped with fleas. Then there's the small weavil-like insects that inhabit the kitchen. Plenty for me to be taking care of!

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