Friday, December 29

wait wait wait

My blogs have been somewhat sparse and dull of late. This is due to a dirge of activity in recent weeks, I've literally been sat around waiting since mid-December. Waiting for my new job to begin. Waiting to move out. Waiting to hear if I've got into university or not. Luckily I was successful on the university front, and the date for moving has been confirmed as 20th Jan, but I'm still waiting on a start date for my new job in Walthamstow. Last time I checked they'd received all my references and health report, but hadn't got the results of my criminal record check back. In a position to offer me a start date they were then unable to proceed because the woman who's going to be my line manager was on holiday. Then factor in the two week shutdown that all educational establishments have at this time of year. Then you start getting a bit of an idea of where I'm at.

What's upsetting and confusing is that all this waiting is making me increasingly paranoid about the job, as if somehow in the past 4 weeks I have become a useless felon with a rubbish health history. This, of course, is not true, but I just want to START THE BLOODY JOB!!

And this, my friends, is why I'm not blogging much at the moment, because if I did then they'd all be like this tripe.

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