Thursday, December 14


I haven't blogged for a while now and that's because I've been up-and-down to London like a yo-yo viewing flats and finalising job details. It's all been incredibly stressful and I don't think I've had a full nights sleep for over two weeks.

So here's the latest on the moving situation - we think we've got a flat. This flat, in fact. We've paid our deposit and they've taken it off the market.

However, 2 things stand in our way:

1 - My terrible credit scoring
2 - James's recent overdue rent on his current flat (which was not his fault, but the fault of his housemate who didn't pay him on time, thus forcing James to pay some late, but hey, the landlords don't care about those human technicalities and may still penalise him)

1 could be overcome by the fact that I am not paying any of the rent anyway, it's all coming out of James's (healthier) bank account. But 2 is a problem. Hopefully they'll understand and accept it wasn't his fault. I don't really know what happens if they turn you down for bad references. Homelessness?

I'm trying not to think about it too much, because it makes me feel sick.


big break with ricky gervais - "it's only a gameshooow!" said...

Turned out all right in the end.

Alice said...

I used to do lettings as a job. It was horrible. Anyway... If you fail references, sometimes the landlord can agree to take you on at his own risk. I know that where I worked, landlords were keen to waive refs if people could pay 6 months rent up front. Otherwise, you might need guarantors. Someone (or a couple of people) who earn enough to guarantee your rent for you, and should you default, they become legally liable. Don't worry, I'm sure you'll get there somehow!

Do Google searches and that...