Saturday, November 18

Oh... ok...

What a strange few days.

24 hours ago I was having hourly panic attacks and worrying myself into a frenzy about my lack of money and living situation.

Yesterday I went into my employment agency in Victoria and, straight away, was offered a full time job starting on Jan 3rd. Paying £65 a day. And it's in a school. Working with kids. So it's perfect practice for my teaching degree (fingers still crossed about that). Signed. Done. Dusted. Sorted.

£65 x 5 = £325 a week
£325 x 4.5ish = £1462.5 a month
- 25%ish for tax and stuff= £1096 a month


I can move to London.

James, my long-suffering boyfriend, is delighted. But for me it hasn't quite sunk in yet. I feel like I can't let myself enjoy it all, that I don't deserve to enjoy it all.

We're going for a big curry tonight in my favourite Indian. So hopefully it'll sink in with my naan bread.


Layla said...

Yey! Good for you. You had better come and see me before you move away!!

Natasharghhh said...

A tear of sorrow rolls silently down my cheek at the thought of losing another friend to the vacuous expanse of FUN that is London. Please do include me on group emails detailing plans for FUN nights out, even though I reside in *untingdon, and can't come.
Seriously though, congratulations, you've done good! Tash xx

Gem said...

Tash, I shan't be able to afford any kind of fun, I'll be scratching around for pennies as it is!

The most fun will be sitting in, watching tv with Elin and drinking tea. My kind of fun.

You are both (you and Layla), of course, welcome to come and stay whenever you wish.

Anonymous said...

well done gem, sounds ace, good luck with moving in with your bloke and everything, I cant wait for the day it happens to me!
caz (sculpture a la OF forum :P)

alice said...

Congrats! London is happy to have you! x

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