Tuesday, September 26

Work-based BONG!!

I do so love it when the work newsletter falls into my pigeonhole and brings a little light relief to that grey area in the mornings between arrival and coffee break. This fortnight's gems include:


Fire - Raising the alarm

The person discovering the fire should raise the alarm by:
- Operating the nearest fire alarm button and by shouting 'FIRE, FIRE FIRE' until the alarm has been raised..."

I like the part about the shouting, especially the comma after the first "FIRE" to allow you to take a breath.

I also liked:

"Medical Emergencies

When giving any form of first aid it is vital that staff assess the situation and:
- Take care not to become a casualty themselves..."

Brilliant! I love working in places where rules have to be followed so strictly that we have to be told when to shout.

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