Thursday, September 28

I've been staring at clocks...

I am waiting for college to call me back and tell me how I did in the job interview I had today for the £14,000 only-working-36-weeks-of-the-year Personal Tutor position. I had to go up against my friend Liz from work, who is identical to me in age and qualification, but not height, as she has that advantage over me. She is well over 6 foot and practically Amazonian. This will definitely work in her favour, as I look like a dwarf in comparison, and am much tinier and fairer than her.

I prepared for this one, unlike every other interview I've ever gone for. I even had my questions all thought out before I got in.

I talked too much. I think I confused the panel. There were FOUR of them. And a fly kept flying around my head and I didn't want to swat it away in case they thought I was inhumane.

James says to not get stressed if I don't get it, because what I really want to do anyway is go and be in London with him, therefore it doesn't really matter if I don't get this, but he doesn't UNDERSTAAAAAAANNNDD.

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