Wednesday, August 30

A word from our sponsor

"Greetings Humans of Earth 2006 AD. I am come to give my endorsement to this, the blog of Gemma O'Donnell (that's this blog you're reading now). I have perused the comedic musings and heart-warming anecdotes within and feel obligated to spread the word of this witty young lady and her written offerings around the internet and beyond.

You may wonder what I'm getting out of this sponsorship. Gemma provides me with human flesh to feast upon every full moon. I meet her round the back of the hospital and she opens the 'limb bin' for me. I can't do it because I have these USELESS PUNY LITTLE ARMS. Then I place my giant head inside and tuck into all the amputated arms and legs that nobody wants anymore. Don't you moralise with me, readers! THEY WERE ONLY GOING TO BURN THEM ANYWAY!!

So please continue to offer your support of this most marvellous internet weblog. It's the best journal I've read since I got hold of a copy of that Anne Frank's diary, and, well, that was a bit disappointing really. So much unnecessary death... But this knocks spots off it!

Love and kisses,

Mr T. Rex



Anonymous said...

lol o' mania! you should be on stage darlin xxxxx

Gem said...

'lol o'mania'?


Do Google searches and that...