Wednesday, August 30

More Upside Down Heads

I've had a few excellent suggestions for upside down head candidates. However, it would also seem that there are some doubters among us, some people who think that these phenomena do not exist. Well let me present you with Exhibit A.

Exhibit A

"Yes Gemma", you say, "That is the late Buster Merryfield of Only Fools and Horses fame." Why yes, it is. Note, if you will, his bald head and exceptionally fluffy beard. Now let me show you Exhibit B.

Exhibit B

Concentrate carefully on looking at the mouth. The rest will fall into place. Just look at that wonderful white monobrow, and the little piggy nose! Buster (God rest his soul) would have been just as handsome a gent upside down as right way up, and his baldness (once a weakness) is now his crowning glory! I can see a few of you are still not convinced. This is fine, more evidence is needed. May I introduce Exhibit C.

Exhibit C

That's right, it's deep-voiced, regal Englishman Brian Blessed, in all his right way up enormous glory. Note the presence of both facial hair and head hair, this is very important, he is folically gifted in more ways than one. Once again I ask you to keep all this in mind as you peruse Exhibit D.

Exhibit D

Look at the mouth once more. Amazing. Upside down he resembles none other than the Honey Monster!!


Stephen Collins said...

Alain De Botton? Or is he just bald. Sinead O Connor. Philip Larkin. The Moon.

I've just realised I hadn't linked to your new blog. All now amended, apols. Is this why you rejected my comments? Sob. Look fwd to seeing you both Saturday

Mark said...

I think he looks a bit like Chew Bakka (Please excuse the spelling..) the extremely hairy character from Star Wars who made some awesome noises.. no..?

Gem said...

I didn't reject them! I accepted them! I don't know why my computer went all spazzy.

Gem said...

Mark, I think you're onto something there...

Layla said...

Actually, Brian Blessed upside down is Chewbacca from Star Wars. Weird.

Do Google searches and that...