Tuesday, August 22

No Fair

I did the lighting for a little comedy show (it's called Sandy Hole and it's going to be brilliant and I hope you'll all know what I'm on about in the not-too-distant future) in Camden a couple of weeks ago, the cast of whom are all comedians. This evening I rang James because I was feeling a bit lonely and bored, he was out having fun at shows and bars with all the lovely people from Sandy Hole, because they're in Edinburgh for the festival, obviously. I spoke to Leanne on the phone and she was lovely, they are all lovely, and they're having a lovely time, and they think I'm lovely, but I'm STUCK IN THE MIDDLE OF NOWHERE WHERE THE POST IS DELIVERED AT MIDDAY AND HAVING TO CLOSE ALL THE HOUSE-WINDOWS TO PREVENT THE SMELL OF MANURE FROM PENETRATING MY BED LINEN.

It's ok... no, really, it's fine. They can keep their ... drinks, and their ... fun, and their ... laughing, and .... merrymaking. I'm perfectly happy sat here watching Living TV +1, scratching my elbow and eating my family-sized bar of Galaxy all to myself. I don't even want to be up there with them. It sounds really BORING.

Wisbech is where it's at anyway. That's what all the kool kidz say.


Mark said...

Wisbech is a kool hole..! Well college was funny there anywho..

Gem said...

It wasn't a 'kool hole' on Sunday, when I had to stand in the freezing cold and sell junk to Eastern Europeans from SIX IN THE MORNING.

Do Google searches and that...