Tuesday, November 27

Bipolar shopping

I have been really low for the last few weeks, but today I've been in excellent spirits since I woke up. I pranced around the flat at 6.30am, made James tea in bed, ran him a bath and skipped out of the door to school without a care in the world.

The rest of the day has been similarly hyper. I made another ill-timed AIDs joke to a colleague and charged around the school corridors with the energy of a frisky rabbit in spring.

Hypomanic episodes, I have discovered, can bring about wonderful things, two of which occurred today.

Firstly, they can make you teach amazing lessons that earn you excellent comments from pupils and fellow members of staff, as you whizz around the classroom effortlessly dealing with troublesome kids and exuding energy and wisdom.

And secondly, they make you do fantastic food shopping (not so fantastic for the bank balance, but I'll worry about that when I'm down again).

This is what I went into M&S for:
Single cream

This is what I came out with:
2 packets roast beef and horseradish Christmas special crisps
Pomegranate seeds (removed from pith)
Christmas pudding flavoured yoghurt
2 Pink Lady apples (which I wanted because they are pink on the inside)
3 bean salad
Tandoori naan bread
Instant microwave porridge
Single cream
4 organic onions

I hope I calm down by the time James gets home from work.

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MikeH said...

"Brilliant Shopping" seems to be a common theme amongst us bipoloids :)

Do Google searches and that...