Tuesday, January 8

Does anybody know...

What can be done about damp? The black, mouldy stuff that accumulates on walls and ceilings.

Is major structural reconstruction required to shift it? (men in boiler suits hacking at walls, crowbars, hammers, that kind of thing...)

I ask because there is damp on the inside of the external walls of my flat and I don't have the first idea what to do about it. I have put off dealing with it since September, because I didn't have the energy (couldn't be bothered) to find out.

It's probably not such a good idea to have it around, because of my asthma and sensitivity to mildew and suchlike.

I have this image of men in radiation suits sectioning off my kitchen with yellow tape and blasting enormous holes in the side of my flat. I'm probably over-reacting, but the medication makes me get things out of proportion sometimes.

Please don't tell me to rub it or clean it off myself. I refuse to touch it, because spores freak me out. My walls are ALIVE.


The Huntress said...

Apart from ventilating the rooms well, I don't think there is much apart from the scrubbing. I spent an exciting day in December scrubbing mould off my bathroom walls. And then spraying on a bleach solution so it takes longer to grow back.

sdreamcatcher said...

you can try spraying it down with a bleach solution (bleach and water). wear a mask to protect against the bleach fumes (and keep any pets far away). or you can try teat tree oil in a spray bottle (easier on the lungs). both will kill any spores. we had some under the sink and i used an enzyme cleaner i bought online. im not sure if yours is the same. this was just black stuff under the sink.

Do Google searches and that...