Thursday, November 15


Whilst shopping for an extra oil-filled radiator to take the edge off this freezing cold snap we're currently encountering I came across this rather terrifying toy on the Tesco website.

"This Fur Real Butterscotch Pony acts just like a real pony. She moves her head and ears, blinks her eyes and swishes her tail. This pony will become a friend as your child can enjoy hours of grooming, feeding and riding fun. The Fur Real pony comes with a carrot, grooming brush and an adoption certificate. Only £299."

I don't understand. How could anything that ridiculous possibly be worth £300. It's got a really sinister face and dead eyes. In the name of all that is holy go to the demo website and watch the tv ad.

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Peter Beaumont said...

Oh dear! I think I'm going to have nightmares about the zombie pony.

Do Google searches and that...