Wednesday, November 21

Can I get a 'hell yeah!'

Is that light I see there at the end of the tunnel? Are mine achy ears deceiving me? Could my lungs possibly be less congested than they were yesterday?

I have only left my house once in nearly 10 days (excluding two occasions where I dragged myself to my doctor's). Having taken a look at the list below, I think I am exhibiting early symptoms of cabin fever.

  1. Feeling trapped and unable to get out.
  2. Wanting to sleep more.
  3. Feeling apprehensive and jittery.
  4. Experiencing hallucinations and deliria.
Today I paced around my living room for 30 minutes before cooking myself an elaborate homemade curry. Now I am jittery.

Okay, so perhaps the best solution to this would be to leave my flat, go outside and actually do something but I might set myself back another few days, and I CANNOT deal with feeling ill anymore. Also, my doctor gave me very strict orders to rest until next Monday.

Anybody know any good puzzle websites?

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