Friday, July 13


Got home yesterday to a letter from HSBC Customer Services saying that if I didn't respond to their letter dated 19th June (which I didn't receive) then they'd 'consider the matter closed'.

The address at the bottom is the one I wrote to when I was trying to reclaim my bank charges from them.

So I called HSBC this morning and they confirmed that it was connected to my bank charge claim and that the original letter was an offer letter. They are resending it to me today. She wasn't allowed to tell me how much it was on the phone but she did she it's 'in relation to my original claim', which was just over £1500.

I am hopeful, but shall await my letter before I get too excited.

Anyway, I'm off work today so am determined to try and relax and have a nice day. I have £70 in Topshop vouchers from my birthday to spend, so might get the bus to Oxford Street later on.

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