Sunday, July 15

Death by Caffeine!!

My boyfriend's mum talks a lot, mostly very quickly and about her holiday home in Wales. But the other day she told me that 22lb of chocolate would be enough to kill a man, and I was immediately interested. I'm sure that chocolate can kill you, as it contains caffeine and theobromine (the stuff that's fatal to dogs). But I didn't know that you could calculate how much of your favourite food or beverage it'd take to drive you six feet under. I entered my weight and drink of choice (Starbucks Tall Latte) into the calculator. It would take 152.97 coffees to kill me. Presumably these have to be consumed in fast succession, without any breaks. I'm not quite sure that is possible. I can't even manage two coffees from Starbucks without having to rush to the loo after 15 mins and eject elephantile jets of water into the bowl. I imagine my bladder bursting would be a more likely contributer to my death than 1 million milligrams of caffeine.

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