Monday, April 9

Spring Review

Things that have made me happy:

- Take That. Just the fact that they are on the radio again. And that I can laugh at Howard's face. And yell 'SMILE SMILE SMILE' at 8am as I drive to work.
- Moving to Crouch End. Despite the frequent calls of 'Tabitha, Sebastian!' by middle-class mothers in Chanel shades as I walk down the Broadway I cannot help but love the little corner of London that I inhabit.
- Pomegranates. I always new they'd take off. I was ALL OVER them aged 11. Ahead of my time, again...
- Peep Show's imminent return to Channel 4.
- The Apprentice. I think it should be on every day. Like my other favourite tv show, Deal or No Deal.

Things to work on this season:

- My driving. No more 40mph down the Seven Sisters Road. No more hopping reds. From now on it's white-van-infuriating granny driving all the way.
- My money. Clearly this is a work in progress. I am doing a lot better than I was, though.
- DOOM! I need to stop thinking 'DOOM!' and sending myself into a spin every time something slightly nasty happens.
- Always having a supply of stamps. I never have any when I need them.

My predictions for Spring/Summer '07:

- The temperature will reach 100F at some point. Newspapers will go mental. Old people will perish. As per usual.
- At least 3 people in East/South London will get shot.
- Pete Doherty will perform at Glastonbury, and drop down dead shortly afterwards.
- Big Brother will start in May - and be shit.
- X Factor will return with Dermot O'Leary - and be shit.


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