Tuesday, April 10


I rarely mention my bipolarity on here (ok, I do, but not too much) because, as a type 2 sufferer, it occurs in fits and starts. However it's days like today that force me to acknowledge it's existance and then I must acquiesce with it's symptoms. I feel like there is a low rumbling motor running very slowly somewhere in the back of my head. My brain aches. I feel sick. I can't get out of bed.

I daren't tell my boyfriend, because he's on his way to a big gig in Bath and I don't want him to worry unduly about me. I have just 45 minutes to perfect my 'I'm fine, really' act for my Mum when she comes home from work (I'm staying at my folk's in Norfolk until Thursday).

I want to crawl into a hole and remain there until I can feel the sun's rays on the back of my neck again.

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