Wednesday, April 11

Lend me your ears and I'll sing you a song...

I just found my very bestest friend from primary school on Facebook. I added her. But it made me feel sad. I spent every single day (and a lot of holidays) with this girl from age 6-11 and now all I do is add her to my Facebook and write stupid things on her virtual wall. It's like all the bike rides, shared detentions and lustful conversations about New Kids have been erased. This was the girl I who was with me when I learnt about periods, and when I was privy to the revelation that babies are made by SEX. We were actually inseparable. Except in class where we were separated because we couldn't be trusted to sit together (my fault).

One particularly fond memory is of us caterwalling VERY LOUDLY to try and drown out the drama-schooled class princess in music lesson. Nobody could tell us off because technically we weren't breaking any rules. And we made the her cry. Ha.

We also sang the Chitty Chitty Bang Bang theme repeatedly during cycling proficiency lessons, at a girl with a really shit bike. We were evil. But we had so much fun. And now she probably lives 10 mins down the road from me in London and I never see her.

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