Saturday, February 24

Some Maths

I am going to the London Metropolitan University in September to study for my teaching degree. As I'll be teaching a 'shortage subject' (English and Drama) I'll be receiving a £9000 bursary from the government.

I am also entitled to a student grant of £6315, because I have no income other than my wages.

I'm obsessed with budgets at the moment, so I did some Key Stage 2 maths:

9000 + 6315 = 15315

15315 / 10 (number of months on course) = 1531.50

Therefore I will be receiving £1531.50 a month. Tax free. And I also get student Oyster.

Fucking hell. That's more than I'm earning at the moment! I know what you're thinking; too good, eh? There must be a catch, eh? Yes, I thought that too, so I calculated how I'd pay it all back, including the student loans I had for my batchelors degree. The website said this:

"Based on the information you provided, our calculations indicate that you will make the following repayments towards your student loan.
Your monthly repayment amount will be £ 68.00 from 01-APR-08 to 30-APR-33 a total of 300 months.
You will, however not repay it within 25 years. After 25 years the remaining balance of
£ 5107.61 will be written off.

Ha, they haven't banked on me retiring at 35 and having children. I'll never pay it off, and there's NUFFIN they can do about it. Hahahahahahahaaaa...


james teapot said...

maybe one day you'll be a real teacher

Kaff said...

English and Drama is a shortage subject?! Bloody hell, maybe I'll reconsider the whole teaching thang!
Actually, stress + exposure to germ infested beings such and children doesn't seem to be a good thing for me at the moment.

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