Saturday, February 24

God Save The Guardian

This is why I love the Saturday Guardian. Apparently loads of people are claiming back all their overdraft/unpaid direct debit charges because they are unjustified and ridiculous.

Always one to jump on the bandwagon, I have written a letter to my bank asking how much they've charged me over the last 6 years for these sorts of things. I reckon it'll be over £1000. Then I'm going to write a letter and ask for my money back. Again, and again, and again, until they're so fed up of me that they dream about my signature haunting them at night.

Honestly, how the fuck do they ever expect people to be able to get straight if they keep charging them every time they can't afford something. That's crazy talk, that is.


Anonymous said...


my favourite compulsive bullshitting loose cannon is back!

Kaff said...

Oh my god. He actually checks your blog far more often than I do. Although, that's to be expected, as 'friends' generally have a healthy relationship with their acquaintences, whereas 'cyberstalkers', by definition, don't.

Steve said...

Is it a he? It's deeply weird behaviour, isn't it. Got to feel a bit sorry for them really - I'm not picking at them, I actually do, a bit.

the london mugger said...

wanna buy a mobile phone i robbed off some russell brand wannabe?

Do Google searches and that...