Saturday, February 24

I 'heart' hoovering

Who'd have thought that a £15 vacuum cleaner could bring such joy to my life?

James and I have been sans hoover since we moved to our new flat a month ago, I've been trying to convince him to let us buy one for ages, but he was still fixated on the vacuum that had been promised to us free-of-charge, by a former work colleague of mine. I pointed out that waiting 2 months for a vacuum, and then spending £20 on petrol going to collect it was nonsense, but he wasn't having any of it.

So whilst in Leyton ASDA last week I spied a vacuum for just £15 and snapped it up. When I got home I hurredly tore off the packaging and assembled it with trembling, expectant fingers, anticipating the friendly electronic buzz and general air of freshness such an appliance can bring.

Ladies and Gentlemen; it did not disappoint.

I sailed through the flat, 'oohing' and 'aaahing' and marvelling at the carpet hidden beneath the 1inch thick layer of fluff, dust, dropped pieces of food, rabbit droppings, bits of hay and kimble tags from clothes (why do they always end up on the carpet, even though you put them in the bin, why?). Cheeky (my sexually rampant new house bunny) was extremely suspicious of this new invader to his territory, and he protested by kicking up all the sawdust in his cage and flinging bits of hay through the bars. 'Aha, Cheeky!', I said, 'Your days of leaving mess are through!', and I hooved up yet another piece of half-chewed carrot top from the hall carpet to demonstrate my point.

Mind you, Cheeky's started pooing on the floor a lot more recently, and then rolling in it like a pig. His nuts are SO getting cut off soon.


james fridge-freezer said...

at least you are more qualified to hoover than you are to teach

Steve said...

I want to meet Cheeky. Can I come and see him please?

Do Google searches and that...