Saturday, February 24

List # 331

Things I must stop doing:

- stirring my coffee with my biro
- trying to predict my day's success/failure by looking at the skies
- driving over speed bumps at 25 mph (my car's suspension is really not up to it)
- tooting aggressively when drivers miss green lights
- getting distracted on the way to work by counting fried chicken shops on the Seven Sisters Road
- going to M&S in Crouch End

Things I must start doing

- stirring my tea, with a spoon
- going to Budgens in Crouch End

This should be relatively easy, because it calls on inactivity more than anything else, but giving things up is a lot harder than taking things up, and I tend to get stuck in cycles of DOOM that only end when I hit rock bottom.

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adorable said...

another one

stop telling people you are a teacher when it is clear that you aren't

Do Google searches and that...