Monday, January 25

A Question of Work

So I'm not at work this week either. I had a chat with the GP on Friday and she still thinks I'm far from well enough, mentally, to yell at teenagers all day and cram their heads full of information in order to pass exams. I must say, the idea of returning to work fills me with a sort of pantomime dread at the moment, I'm hoping that when it DOESN'T I'll be ready to go back, whenever that is.

So what does one do with their days when off work with stress/bereavement? Well, you have to try and have a normal day, so you get up, preferably before midday, and then you just potter, gently, around your local area, completing all the little chores you don't have time to complete when you are chained to a classroom.

So today my mission is to buy cake tins. If I find them I will consider today a success. Watch this space...

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