Thursday, January 28

Don't Help Haiti! Pt2

They haven't finished!

Now you understand why I had to move!


iamshanemorris said...

I live in the United States, so I know my view is a bit different, because our GDP is many times higher than England's - but I think our view needs to shift a bit. If you were a person in Haiti whose entire life had just been fucked, you would want the entire world to help.

There isn't a single country that shouldn't be donating money right now. This is humanity. There isn't a "right/wrong" - it's "treat them as if they were your own brother or sister". Because that's the way we need to look at this.

Morgan Stanley just finished passing out $22.5 Billion in bonuses. Haiti's GDP is $8.5 Billion. One American company can give out more in bonuses, than Haiti can produce in an entire year.

That's sad.

Isabelle said...

Wow, the people you went to school with are real cocks!

Do Google searches and that...