Monday, May 4


Just back from Norfolk, stuffed full of mum's white chocolate and raspberry trifle. If God was real he would eat this every day. She uses Swiss roll (SWISS ROLL!) instead of trifle sponge and vodka instead of sherry. AND, as if that weren't enough, she melts white chocolate INTO the custard. I wish I could have taken a photo of its swirly, custardy goodness.

So today I spent £40 on this digital camera. It has over 8 megapixels, which I am told is good. I don't take many photos, as I'm sure you can tell. Any that I do take are usually with my shitty old mobile and come out all grainy and rubbish.

The second the new one arrives I'm going to take a photo of my cat looking mischievous and post it up here.


The MultiCrafter said...

Will these include pictures of him eating wasps? Twinkle has a tendency to eat spiders, and flies, but then regrets it intensely.
Give my love to les animaux,


Kath said...

I have to say, trifle with swiss roll is THE BEST.

It has to be swiss roll without cream in it though.

Do Google searches and that...