Monday, May 18

Repeat after me...

Seeing the same underground posters every day makes one a little obsessive. Do I need osteo-vitamins? Have I got chlamydia? Am I happy?

One movie poster is 90% about the film 'Role Models' and 10% about the film Frost/Nixon. I think they've definitely got their ratios muddled up there, especially considering the pullout quote about the former says "Like watching a couple of monkeys throwing poo at each other on Youtube". Has anybody here ever Googled 'poo-throwing monkeys' on Youtube? Even if you have, would you be prepared to PAY up to £15 for a dvd of men doing the same thing (metaphorically)?

This one is burned into my retinas at the moment:


It just makes me think about Marmite Cheese ALL THE TIME.

I will NEVER buy Marmite cheese now, as a result of it's aggressive visual offensive on the way up the escalators in Maida Vale tube station.

I'm thinking of starting a blog with a new stupid underground poster on it every day. But then I'd have to take my
camera everywhere with me. Hmmm.


Stephen Collins said...

But this is what they want, to do an advertising campaign which only sort of makes sense - and it is this not-quite-normalness which sticks in your mind. This marmite one annoys me also. I found myself looking at it an entire journey going 'what'. Obviously the images are meant to cleverly invert the design to show someone loving / hating marmite cheese. But it just looks weird. I quite like the pictures though.

Do more movie taglines please I am enjoying these. Note that Fatal Attraction has the classic 'makes bad face over shoulder of lover' move which only the truly evil can ever really pull off.

I used to want to look like Miles Hunt.

Stephen Collins said...

did my last comment just work? I'm not sure it worked. test test.

Do Google searches and that...