Wednesday, January 10


I have become 9 years old again. I burst into tears yesterday at my sister's house because she bought me a bar of chocolate from Thornton's (posh chocolate company, for the benefit of my regular US readers), and again on the phone to my temp work agent because she has found me work for when I move to London. This morning I burst into tears on the phone to the College I'm supposed to be working at because I'm frustrated about my lack of start date. This afternoon I burst into tears on the phone to the man at Egg banking because he was so helpful and understanding. Then I burst into tears again when my Dad offered to pay my road tax.

Everything is amazingly beautiful or gut-churningly worrying, and the only way I can seem to release the stress over these very adult issues is to cry like a child. I am THE WORST daughter with THE BEST parents. My boyfriend is about 100x more responsible than me.

You won't be surprised to hear that I suffer from bipolar disorder. But all this is just taking the piss!

I am going to drink this cup of tea without crying or being on the phone. If I achieve this then it'll be the first time today.

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