Tuesday, July 5

Why you should have gone on strike.

1. I will lose a day of pay
If you are genuinely concerned about losing a day's salary, the union does offer a hardship fund - simply get in contact with your divisional secretary. In addition, please try using the NUT's pensions calculator which can be found on the NUT homepage. most teachers stand to lose between £150,000-£250,000 if pensions reform goes through. A day's pay is nothing in comparison.
2. Children will lose a day of education
This was not an issue during the recent royal wedding - why is it only important when we are trying to protect our rights?
3. Strikes do not work
There is one course of action which will definitely do nothing and that is if we actually do nothing
4. Striking is unprofessional and damages teachers credibility
This is the argument made by Michael Gove. He followed this statement up by asking parents to step in for teachers to keep schools open - do you suppose he would suggest the same for doctors? The sad fact is that the Government does not place our professionalism very highly - this is why they are open to free schools which could hire untrained staff as teachers.
5. I'm in a non striking union
The only teachers union not on strike is the NASUWT. Membership to the NUT is currently being offered for free so anyone can be part of the strike if they are willing to invest 5 minutes to sign up to our union.
6. Public sector pensions are too high when compared with private sector pensions
Private sector pensions are too low and this argument is backwards. There are plenty of nations with appalling human rights records - surely the government would not suggest reducing our level of human rights to fall in line? The government should be regulating the private sector pensions so those workers get a fair deal. Incidentally the average teacher's pension is £10,000 per year - hardly an excessive amount.
7. Negotiations are still ongoing
This is the line which Westminster council have taken. Having spoken directly to senior union staff who are involved with these negotiations I can tell you that the negotiations have not gone well. This is in fact the reason the unions have called for strike action.
8. I don't want to confront my head
It is not a requirement to name who will be going on strike, you can simply give the numbers to the headteacher. The NAHT is also balloting for strike action and you may find that many heads are more than willing to back your action - Headteachers have the most to lose after all as they have the highest salaries.

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