Tuesday, November 2

25 things about me

1. I once wrote a letter to Jim'll Fix It, asking to meet the entire cast of Baywatch (I was 8).
2. The idea of terrapins existing makes me feel sick.
3. I once ate a whole box of Maltesers in under half an hour.
4. I am, despite often seeming otherwise, quite a solitary person.
5. When I was 17 I once sat outside the King's Lynn Corn Exchange for five hours in the middle of a freezing cold winter night, waiting for Mansun to come out, warming myself on the exhaust fumes from their tour bus. I caught mild hypothermia. It took me two days to thaw out.
6. The person I can't stand the thought of anything happening to is my little brother. I would crumble.
7. I listen to Prince, on average, every 3 days.
8. I know all the words to 'Snooker Loopy' by Chas & Dave.
9. Dogs love me.
10. And small children.
11. I don't really like small children.
12. I hate being overlooked more than anything.
13. I jumped off a tube train and followed a man down the platform to give him back a £2 coin that he'd dropped on the floor of the train.
14. I have had the same pillow for about 6 years. It's moulded to my head, flat as a pancake, and probably mouldy inside.
15. I once spent £500 in one go in Topshop. The £500 was part of my student loan.
16. I know A LOT about the Chinese Cultural Revolution.
17. As children, my sister and I were encouraged to refer to our genitalia as a 'doody'.
18. Christmas always makes me really depressed. I get fed up of being around people at close quarters by 3pm and storm upstairs for a nap.
19. I have a Moomin themed bathroom, with a Moomin soap dish, a Moomin toothbrush holder, a Moomin hand towel and Moomin pictures.
20. I smoked for about 10 years, until I gave up two years ago. I never told my parents.
21. I had 9 piercings at one point. I got bored and took them all out.
22. I thought Heath Ledger's Joker was sexy.
23. I use certain songs/tv shows/films as benchmarks when assessing potential suitors, but I never reveal what they are.
24. I sometimes stop and stand in the street, looking up at the London sky and feeling grateful for being alive.
25. I am petrified of ketchup.


Larke98 said...

Ketchup? What did ketchup do to terrify you?

Dino Girl said...

It's the texture.

Do Google searches and that...