Tuesday, April 6


I might be being a little melodramatic here. I'm flying to New York this evening. Anybody that knows me will tell you I am a RUBBISH flyer. I have to wrap my head in a scarf during take-off and landing so that I can't see what's going on. I take Valium before getting on the plane. I make informal wills on Twitter and Facebook bequeathing my worthless belongings to my nearest and dearest.

Once I am in New York I will be absolutely fine. But until then I have to contend with the following invasive thought every 2-3 seconds for the next twelve hours - 'DEATH DEATH DEATH!'.

Nevertheless I am determined to enjoy this holiday, Dad gave me money towards it from Mum's life insurance payout. If I believed in heaven I'd imagine her up there, cheering me on in the shoe aisles of Macy's.

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