Friday, July 25

"Excuse me, can I ask you a question about your hair?"

What is it with London and the chirpy twats that it's salons employ to try and drum up business? And why do they all use that same line?

After a lovely afternoon at Crouch End Lido I decided to stop off at the shops on my way home and buy something for tea. I was pushing my bike past Tesco and found myself accosted by a twenty-something emo boy, who asked the question above. He had two mates beside him (who weren't emo at all) who were all doing the same thing. I, being wise to this ploy, said 'no thanks' and continued on my way. I got my shopping, forgot all about it, and went back to my bike. Emo Boy tried again. I declined, again. As I fiddled with the chain the other two noticed that I was rendered temporarily immobile, approached me and said 'while you're here, can we ask you a question about your hair?'.

By now I was feeling quite pestered and intimidated (three lads, one me) so turned around and said 'Look, guys, I am sorry that you have to ask people that transparent question to try and sell haircuts in order to make money, but you've asked me it 4 times now and I am clearly not interested. Can you leave me alone, please?'

To be fair to him, Emo Boy looked a bit ashamed and helped me by picking up my padlock, which I'd dropped whilst afluster. The other two did a very childish 'ooooh sorreeeeee!'. Gits. I thought my response was relatively polite considering how pushy and irritating they were. If I want a haircut I will not be talked into it by a stranger in the street.

One I can handle. Two, at a push, I can ignore. But three in a gang is too much. Right? Or did I overreact?

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